Prarthana Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. (PTS), is a growing Non Destructive Testing Company which gives a personal and professional service covering conventional NDT using X-Ray and gamma-rays radiography. The company was formed by Mr. Nayan H. Vyas jointly with Mr. Jayesh Gadhiya, also associated with foundry technology as well as NDT field in the Year 2011, with a goal to provide the best of the services and quality.

Gamma Radiography : Radioactive Ir - 192 / Co - 60 Gamma Source used to detect the Internal Flows in the Castings, Forgings & Welded Fabricated Equipments.

X-Ray Radiography : Soft X-Ray produced electronically from Cathode and Anode used to detect Internal Flows in Low Thickness Castings, Fabricated Equipments and Critical Components used in Automobiles, Space and Aerospace Applications etc.

Ultrasonic Inspection : Ultrasound waves are used to detect the Internal Flows in Castings, Forgings & Welded Equipments can penetrate at very high level and useful to detect depth & size of flows.

Magnetic Particle Testing : Electromagnetic waves used to detect the subsurface Internal Flows in the Castings, Fabricated equipments. It is very useful to detect Subsurface Cracks.

Dye Penetrant Testing : Special liquid dye and penetrant spray on the surface of components to evaluate the open surface defects (flows). It is very useful to detect porosity and fine cracks.

Heat Treatment : As Heat treating is the part of NDT, we are also in the field of Heat Treatment of Castings, Forgings. We are having 1 Ton capacity Gas Fired Pit type furnace with related Computer Controls & having Oil and Water Quenching facilities.

Our Specialization :

  • All type of Casting Radiography
  • Radiography of critical component used in Defense and Space technology